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About the Company

Jet Drill Well Services, LLC offers the world’s most advanced and comprehensive radial drilling service. The company can also provide a variety of ancillary services (e.g. acidizing) for well operators, which can enable even greater hydrocarbon recovery.

Jet Drill Well Services, LLC provides these services, directly, to oil and gas producers, using its own radial drilling units, downhole tools, and field operating technicians. To help insure high hydrocarbon recovery results from the Jet-Drill™ procedure, the company also offers technical assistance for the screening and selection of appropriate geological formation and specific well candidates.

Furthermore, recognizing that one size does not fit all, Jet Drill Well Services, LLC offers a variety of programs that can enable both operators and service providers to realize the full potential of the Jet-Drill™ technology. Learn more by reading through our website or contact us, directly.

Jet Drill Well Services, LLC and its professionals are proud members of the following industry trade associations and professional organizations:

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Commitment to Health, Safety & Environment
While our people are our greatest asset, Jet Drill Well Services is fully committed to HSE. Sure, there are regulatory and practical reasons for this commitment, but the truth is each one of us should be concerned about our health, safety and the environment. It’s no surprise then that Jet Drill Well Service’s commitment to HSE isn’t just good corporate policy, it’s good personal policy.


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