radial drilling well enhancement


Jetting Distance - Jet Drill’s Well stimulation laterals range from 1’ to 30’. The distance is determined by the characteristics of the production formation. Be wary of the 300’ claims.

Jetting Time – The Jet Drill short radius laterals are jetted at an average rate of inches per minute.

Cuttings or Formation returns – A 1” diameter lateral, 10’ long will generate approximately 1 gallon of returns to the wellbore.

Production Increases – The average production increase on a Jet Drill treated well is 4-5 times.

Best Well Candidates – The Jet Drill procedure works best in sandstone formations with near wellbore damage, High Porosity and High Permeability.

Conjunctive treatments - Jet Drill’s short radius laterals have proved to create an excellent path for additional treatments (i.e., GasGun, acid treatments, chemical wetting solutions, etc.)

Production Results

Jet Drill Well Stimulation Production Results
10 Well Treatment Results:
Conclusions and production results from a 10 well enhancement program which used Jet Drill's proprietary 2nd Generation technology are summarized below.

  1. The average length of total Jet Drill laterals in each wellbore was 74’, with a high of 160’ and a low of 22’.
  2. Post-treatment production reports at 1 month, 3 months and 1 year, after excluding the single highest and lowest outliers, were as follows:
    • At 30 days after treatment, average increase in production was 493% [1]
    • At 90 days after treatment, average increase in production was 418%
    • At 1 year after treatment, average increase in production was 292% [2]
  3. Wells with the longest total amount of Jet Drill laterals were typically most easily jetted but did not see the highest production increase. For example, the well with 160’ of total laterals saw only a 164% increase at 90 days.
    Jet Drill concludes, "The greatest production increases were often seen on wells with fewer total feet of Jet Drill laterals. It is believed that these shorter laterals intersected fractures—which both caused the jetting process to come to a stop but in the process connected the wellbore to the very “communication” that was trying to be established".


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