radial drilling well enhancement

Benefits of Jet-Drill™ Radial Drilling

radial jetting and jetting nozzleThe Jet-Drill™ Well Enhancement procedure can both dramatically accelerate production rates and enhance total recoverable reserves, while doing so at a fraction of the cost of comparable stimulation techniques.

By overcoming the making it easy for hydrocarbons to reach the wellbore and by reducing the time over which pay is recovered, the Jet-Drill™ Well Enhancement procedure can:

    • Extend the life of marginal wells
    • Allow for the recovery of what was once thought to be unattainable reserves; and,
    • Dramatically accelerate and increase operator profits

Moreover, with its small environmental impact, short treatment times, and low cost… it offers operators minimum down-time and attractive Returns on their Investment.

Technical Benefits

There are a variety of technical and recovery benefits to the drainage channels created by the Jet-Drill™ Well Ehancement procedure. 

Moreover, because these benefits directly affect the reservoir's drainage dynamics and timeframes, they can have a major impact on the overall well economics $$$. 

The benefits can include:

  • Intersecting fractures in the matrix thereby allowing faster zonal drainage
  • Extending past the area of near wellbore damage
  • Allowing for multiple laterals to be cut and at varying horizons
  • Reaching past conventional perforation distances into virgin parts of the matrix
  • Blasting thru natural or accumulated barriers in the formation
  • Reaching  into additional reservoir pockets
  • Delivery of adjunct treatments (e.g. acid, CO2, nitrogen) far into the zone
  • Optimized injections and fluid gradients, producing a more uniform and homogeneous treatment, while reducing tunneling.
  • An attractive alternate to costly in-field drilling and/or field expansion

Combined, these technical benefits can translate into even further increases to the near and long term total recoverables…. all the while, at costs that are about 1/2 to 1/3 of traditional stimulation alternates.


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