radial drilling well enhancement

Applications of Jet Drilling & Well Enhancement Technology

Both Oil & Gas Wells and both Existing and New Wells are candidates for the procedure.

On existing wells, the Jet-Drill™ Well Enhancement procedure offers operators an economically attractive alternative to quickly recover the remaining hydrocarbons trapped in their wells.  This is becoming of increasing importance as fields become progressively more depleted and with the escalating cost of conventional work-over services. 

On new wells, the Jet-Drill™ Well Enhancement is a great compliment or, outright, alternative to perf'ing. What better way to produce a new pay than to establish a number of large, radiating lateral drainage channels?  At the same time, it is a great way to establish high connectivity to the payzone, but avoid the high-cost of comparable completion techniques such as frac-ing. 

The Jet-Drill™ Well Enhancement family of products can be of benefit in a number of situations, including:

  • Overcoming near wellbore and skin damage
  • Well completions
  • Well stimulations
  • Directing reservoir treatments/injections
  • Improving water disposal and re-injection rates
  • Assisting in steam or CO2 treatments of heavy oils
  • Reducing water coning


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