radial drilling well enhancement

Equipment Behind the Jet Drilling and Well Enhancement Technology

The cornerstone of the jet drilling procedure is the proprietary Jet Drill™ coiled tubing unit, the product of 5 years of design improvements and modifications generated from feedback on the usage of hundreds of wells on 3 continents (North America, South America and Asia).

The typical Jet Drill™ unit is a large, self-contained rig capable of a 6,000 ft working depth. Typical unit specs are as follows:
  • A 38,000 lb. double-framed, dual axle rig
  • Overall dimensions of 8' wide by 12' tall by 35' long.
  • Diesel Power Unit: rated to 350HP
  • 6,000 ft of .0402 sidewall continuous role stainless steel tubing
  • Precision Control Hydraulic System with industrial-grade motors, pumps & controllers
  • Weight Indicator: Remote wireless load cell or Martin Decker gauge
  • Operator's Cabin: Full-sized, climate controlled (HVAC) operator's cabin
  • Cabin Controls: state-of-the-art command center with redundant controls
  • Reel System: Heavy-duty, precision control reel system capable of 175 ft/min.
  • Pressure Rating: 15,000 psi rated connections, hoses and fittings
  • Pressure Pump: Triplex pump rated at 10k psi
  • Filtration: Intake filtration to 10 micron and jetting fluid filtration to 5 micron
  • Fluid Capacity: 200 gallon jetting fluid reservoir and 50 gallon hydraulic fluid tank
  • GenSet: 12KW remote start generator 110/220V rating conduit wired throughout
  • Toolset: Workbench with locking tool chest and full set of field service tools and supplies
  • Data System: State-of-the-art Data Monitoring and Analysis System (DMAS)™
  • Full set of specialized downhole tools


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