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Jet Drill’s development team has scoured the market in search of the most effective short horizontal drilling technology and then secured licensed patented technology from multiple 3rd parties, which Jet Drill combines with our extensive radial drilling trade secrets and know how to create the optimal oil well enhancement procedure for each oil well. Every oil well is unique and having the ability to combine and utilize the most effective combination of well enhancement technology creates the unique Jet-Drill™ procedure.


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Jet Drill uses an array of licensed technologies and a specialized lateral jetting coiled tubing unit, to implore the Jet-Drill™ procedure to produce a set of drainage channels that can extend up to 30' into the matrix -- well beyond the area of near wellbore damage and into oil rich portions of the pay.

Cutting edge radial drilling technology, known as the Jet Drill™ procedure delivers well enhancement results by creating lateral drainage channels that can range to over 3" in diameter. And, because multiple laterals are drilled into a given horizon, the channels form radial drainage channels allowing uniform reservoir drainage.

The array of technology collectively creates the Jet-Drill™ procedure and this technology separately and collective have been used on wells in the United States and internationally, with several fold increases in production. The Jet-Drill™ procedure utilizes the various technologies to deliver greater well enhancement results and does not rely on one patent or a family of patents. Instead, the Jet-Drill™ procedure utilizes different Intellectual Property from various technology providers because both testing and field results have shown no one patent always provides the optimal well enhancement solution! jet drill well formation

To see our technology in action, view our jet drilling videos and animations or learn more by reading further on the Recovery Opportunity, Applications, Benefits or Equipment of the Jet-Drill™ procedure.


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