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Jet-Drill Well Services, LLC is a well stimulation company providing alternative well enhancement services centered on our innovative and affordable radial drilling treatment, the Jet-Drill™ procedure.

Radial Drilling for Well Enhancement
Our radial drilling service is geared toward efficiently withdrawing hydrocarbons from the world's ever maturing oil and gas wells utilizing our cutting edge jet drilling technology. This radial drilling procedure can be used as a stand-alone well enhancement service, can be used in conjunction with other well stimulation procedures (e.g. acidizing or frac’ing), or can be used as a completion method for new wells.

About the Jet-Drill procedure

The Jet-Drill™ procedure is a unique, patented procedure utilizing different intellectual properties from various technology providers to create significant well enhancement by creating large lateral drainage channels radiating out from the wellbore, deep into oil and gas pay zones. Besides conventional oil and gas applications, our jet drilling technology is well suited to radial jet drilling in heavy oil applications, on CBM wells and on coal seams.

The team at Jet-Drill Well Services, LLC are pioneers in the area of lateral jetting, having built the first effective radial drilling units, and utilizing an array of licenses to create the unique Jet-Drill™ procedure, not relying on any one patent or a family of patents.

Jet Drill’s development team has scoured the market in search of the most effective short horizontal technology and then secured licensed patented technology from multiple 3rd parties, which Jet Drill combines with our extensive radial drilling trade secrets and know how to create the optimal oil well enhancement procedure for each oil well. Every oil well is unique and having the ability to combine and utilize the most effective combination of technology creates the unique Jet-Drill™ procedure.

The result of years of R&D, the Jet-Drill™ procedure is administered via Jet Drill’s custom radial drilling coil tubing units. Jet-Drill’s well enhancement procedure utilizes a state-of-the-art power unit, proprietary lateral drilling data system, a cutting-edge radial- drilling BHA and trained professionals— all to connect your wellbore to your untapped pay $$$!

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